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Your new home for Chronic Pain Management

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Meet Dala

Dala is the name of Fahed's (our co-founder) mom, but due to trademark issues we had to change the name of the company to Mayv. Which we also like!


Fahed Essa

"I have found the only way that I can be happy in life is by helping others and this is why I do what I do."

- BA Molecular Biology (UPenn)

-Masters, Biotechnology (UPenn)

-Masters, Public Health (UC Berkeley)

-MBA, Healthcare Management (BerkeleyHaas)

Steve Simon

"I joined Dala because I believe in building a company hand-in-hand with people dealing with chronic pain."

- BA, Economics (UMD)

-BA, International Relations (UMD)

-MBA, Social Sector Leadership (Berkeley-Haas)

Meet The Team

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