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Nurturing Resilience

Introducing the alarm for a


and less


We not only wake you up;  

We help you get out of bed!

Gradual Alarm Progression


Nobody likes jarring alarm sounds in the morning. Our gradual alarm progression helps ease you into wakefulness rather than forcing you there.

Soothing Wakeful Sounds


Wake up to soothing sounds from nature.

Starting your day while connecting to nature may help alleviate some stress.

Guided Morning Meditation


Set your intentions for the day with a guided morning meditation, and alleviate anxiety & stress through your daily practice.

Guided In-bed Stretching


Follow a guided in-bed stretching routine to get the blood flowing to your joints and ease your way into rising from bed.

Test The Alarm

Let us know how you are waking up,

help us create a product that will help others,

and start your day right!


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About Us

For too long, conventional medicine has limited how we manage chronic conditions—keeping those who live with them from getting the care they deserve.


We’re out to do more than offer alternative approaches to the symptoms, pain, and suffering of chronic conditions. 


We’re here to overhaul them.


By plunging beyond the confines of “cures” into the depths of understanding.

And by constantly looking beyond the narrow scope of prescribed solutions to more fulfilling ways of living and being.


We believe that patients have as much power as science. That innovation is on equal footing with ancient wisdom. And that chronic conditions should never, ever dictate the way you live your life.


If that doesn’t sound radical to you, then you’re probably already one of us.


Someone who’s ready to go from managing to thriving. To turn a diagnosis into an exploration. And who believes, deep down, there’s got to be a better way.


Because now there is.


Welcome to Dala Wellness.

Our Path

Wakeful Alarm Clock

Mindfulness Chronic Joint Pain Management Program

Nutritional Gut Restoration Program

Modified Exercises for Joint Health 

Personalized Joint Health Platform

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