We empower you, by helping you rediscover and reclaim your courage, strength and determination to live life on your terms.

What is Dala?

A personalized holistic program that combines mindfulness, breathing, nutrition, exercise and herbal supplements all intended to help manage of Chronic Pain.

What We Can Do For You 

Learn to Manage

Your Chronic Pain


There is no one size fits all

but there is the right size for you! 

We will find you the tools that work for you!

It's a guided discovery process.


Holistic Medicine 


We are super transparent

about what's out there. 

We provide you with the science,

and let you make the decisions

Live Life on

Your Terms


For too long we have allowed

chronic pain to dictate our lives.

We will nurture the resilience

to take back control of our lives

Communicate about

your condition 


Learn how to better communicate 

about you condition or how you feel
with your family, your friends,

and your doctor.

Who is Dala For?

Designed for chronic pain patients suffering from autoimmune conditions in heart and in mind. 

We have developed this program

with the assistance of patients suffering from

Rheumatoid Arthritis,

Lupus, Fibromyalgia,

Crest & Ankylosing Spondylitis.

How does it work?

Intake Call

 So we can personalize the program for you.

We will ship your supplements and topicals to you.

We will begin a self guided digital program on your phone

We will record your progress and your self reported wellbeing

You only pay for your second month,

if you want to continue the program

Start Your Journey 

To receive your personalized program, please take the time to fill out the information below.

About Us

For too long, conventional medicine has limited how we manage chronic conditions—keeping those who live with them from getting the care they deserve.


We’re out to do more than offer alternative approaches to the symptoms, pain, and suffering of chronic conditions. 


We’re here to overhaul them.


By plunging beyond the confines of “cures” into the depths of understanding.

And by constantly looking beyond the narrow scope of prescribed solutions to more fulfilling ways of living and being.


We believe that patients have as much power as science. That innovation is on equal footing with ancient wisdom. And that chronic conditions should never, ever dictate the way you live your life.


If that doesn’t sound radical to you, then you’re probably already one of us.


Someone who’s ready to go from managing to thriving. To turn a diagnosis into an exploration. And who believes, deep down, there’s got to be a better way.


Because now there is.


Welcome to Dala Wellness.


Fahed Essa

"I have found the only way that I can be happy in life is by helping others and this is why I do what I do."

- BA Molecular Biology (UPenn)

-Masters, Biotechnology (UPenn)

-Masters, Public Health (UC Berkeley)

-MBA, Healthcare Management (BerkeleyHaas)

Steve Simon

"I joined Dala because I believe in building a company hand-in-hand with people dealing with chronic pain."

- BA, Economics (UMD)

-BA, International Relations (UMD)

-MBA, Social Sector Leadership (Berkeley-Haas)


Louisa Mailis

"I spent my life helping people and i was not going to stop now. I joined Dala in an effort to help people beyond the confinement of my clinic"

-BA, Classical Studies 

- Masters, Humanities  (York University)

- Masters, Education (Medaille College)

- Certificate, Applied Mindfulness and Meditation, (University of Toronto)

- Trained Facilitator for MBCPM (Mindfulness- Based Chronic Pain Management)

- ACTP Certificate, IPEC (Certified Professional Coach)

Meet The Team Behind Dala

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