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Welcome to Mayv's Program Testing!

Thank you so much for participating in our program. Reference this page to see the program testing details.

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Any questions? Email us at katherine.ngo@mayv.co

During these next few weeks, if you experience a mental health emergency or are in danger due to any health conditions, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

Program Testing Description

We are looking for people, ages 30-55, to share their feedback on a new digital wellness program that we are developing. During the study, you will participate in the digital 4-week course and share your thoughts in digital questionnaires and real-time video interviews.


  • Access to internet

  • Mobile device (able to receive SMS/Text messages)

  • Webcam (for live video interviews)

  • Zoom (for live video interviews)


  • 30 minute live video onboarding

  • 30 minute live video interview at halfway point (2 week mark)

  • 30 minute live video offboarding

  • Lesson feedback (free text feedback at the end of each lesson)

  • Weekly questionnaires (link will be sent via SMS)

Testing Compensations

  • $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

  • Free-lifetime access to our digital program and app


Program Testing Schedule

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How do I place the app on my mobile home screen?


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