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Help shape a new approach for chronic pain. 

Interested in testing a wellness app and program?


We are looking for chronic pain patients to become part of our patient board! 

As an early tester, you will:

  • Be the first to explore our digital health app - 1 session or multiple sessions (30 min)

  • Participate in interviews that will shape design - have a casual conversation to help us learn more about your daily struggles so that we can build something that accommodates them 

  • First to test our digital health program for chronic pain - participate in our digital health program and give us feedback on your experience

  • First to test new features - as we continue to develop our app, you will get the first sneak peak to give us time to incorporate your feedback

Why should I become an early tester?

  • Be part of a select group of individuals who will shape the product that will help people with chronic pain.

  • You will get early access to our digital health program.

  • You may receive free products, compensation, or participate in exclusive product previews.

  • Free-lifetime access to our digital program and app

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If you are interested in becoming a user tester, please fill out our screening form.

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Contact us at

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