Dala is a journey to healthier joints; Dala is a path to a happier future; it's getting you back to doing the things you love!

What is Dala?

Personalized holistic wellness plan that combines cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, breathing and nutrition 

Evidence-based complementary medicine that focuses on physical and mental health with an emphasis on wellbeing

Clinically tested pain management program

Joint specific supplement

and topical

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Meet The Team Behind Dala

- BA, Economics (UMD)

-BA, International Relations (UMD)

-MBA, Social Sector Leadership (Berkeley-Haas)

Contact us at info@dalawellness.com

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Fahed Essa

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"I have found the only way that I can be happy in life is by helping others and this is why I do what I do."

- BA Molecular Biology (UPenn)

-Masters, Biotechnology (UPenn)

-Masters, Public Health (UC Berkeley)

-MBA, Healthcare Management (BerkeleyHaas)

Steve Simon

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"I joined Dala because I believe in building a company hand-in-hand with people dealing with chronic pain."

Louisa Mailis

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"I spent my life helping people and i was not going to stop now. I joined Dala in an effort to help people beyond the confinement of my clinic"

-BA, Classical Studies 

- Masters, Humanities  (York University)

- Masters, Education (Medaille College)

- Certificate, Applied Mindfulness and Meditation, (University of Toronto)

- Trained Facilitator for MBCPM (Mindfulness- Based Chronic Pain Management)

- ACTP Certificate, IPEC (Certified Professional Coach)